Best Ways To Earn Money Online

Best Ways To Earn Money Online

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In this blog we will discuss best ways to earn money online and some platforms which are present on internet and can be used to earn money.

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Nowadays more and more people are inclined towards online earning. As the job market is getting saturated and hectic, people are preferring to get a remote work where they can earn money. We will discuss below some platforms where you can earn money both for a newbie or an expert.


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Freelancing means that you do someone else work for money without taking any credit of the work. There are many freelancing platforms where you can find your clients. There are multiple niches in freelancing and you can search work according to your niche. But it is necessary that you have at-least one skill which you can sell otherwise there are huge chances that you might fail. Following is the list of some of popular freelancing platforms which are used to earn money online.

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Toptal

Lets explore and discuss about these platforms one by one.


credit : fiverr

Fiverr is a beginner friendly platform to earn money online. People who are newbies and are trying to enter the freelancing world should explore fiverr first and gain experience from it. You can sell your skills on the platform by making a gig. When you will start making your gig fiverr will refer a video to you on how to make effective gigs. Make sure to watch and listen that video carefully.

It may take some days or weeks for your first order make sure to build your profile professionally and unique which can attract the buyers. Choose focus keywords carefully. There are some good keyword research tools which you can use and take help from it. One of the useful tool is Let me explain how to use it below.


There are different social media platforms mentioned such as google , YouTube , amazon , Bing , wiki, eBay , alibaba, fiverr etc. You can select fiverr from it and search for your niche for example you have made a gig about mathematics tutor. Then after selecting fiverr from it search maths tutor as your seed keyword and press enter.

ky 1

You will see the above results after entering your seed word. Now these 5 output keywords are basically used by buyers when they search for a math tutor service. Use this technique to find keywords for your other niche gigs.

Make sure to remain online 24/7. The more you remain online the more your gig will rank up sadly fiverr algorithm works in this way. Don’t make a single gig make multiple gigs and continuously update your gigs daily. Lastly don’t be demotivated after 1 or 2 days. Wait for atleast 30 days. Remember nothing good comes without a sacrifice.


  • beginner friendly


  • payment process is long


download 1
credit : upwork

The second most popular platform to earn money online is upwork. This is slighty different from fiverr. Here clients post their projects and you have to make a proposal and bid on those projects. If the client likes your proposal he will directy contact you in your inbox. You can also create your projects in the project dashboard to show your work. Clients can directly contact you after looking at your work. Make a good profile and complete it 100 percent. After completing your client project you can withdraw your money through payoneer.


  • High price projects
  • payment protected
  • good clients


  • service fee high
  • tough projects
  • not beginner friendly


ky 2

This is another platform which is used by people worldwide to earn money online. First of all you will sign up and create your profile. You can select up-to 20 skills in which you look to find work. Verify your profile by giving a verification fee. Profiles which are verified have a high chance of getting more orders than unverified profiles due to trust issues.

You have to bid on dashboard to the projects quickly as this is a big platform make sure to bid faster to get an order. Don’t bid on unverified profiles and zero star profiles some clients are fake and will ask you to work for them outside the platform don’t agree if they ask you to say this. Make a proposal template and try to make changes on runtime according to the project and bid it this will save your time.


  • Lots of projects come every minute
  • good customer support


  • Lots of fake clients


ky 3
credit is another good platform to earn money online. Clients can find good skilled workers on the platform which can do their projects. First of all you will have to make your profile so that you can earn money online. Sign up create a good appealing profile which can attract the buyers. Mention your education and your skillset. After completing the profile you will be recommended jobs related ti your skillset on the dashboard. You can bid on the jobs which you like. Afterwards its the decison of the buyer whether he is satisfied with your profile or not.

After completing your project you can withdraw your amount via payoneer or paypal. There are two membership plans free and paid. In paid membership you are given more features than the basic plan if you can afford it is recommended to buy the paid membership plan it can help you get your first order quickly as compared to basic plan.


  • free membership
  • payment is secured


  • encounter fake clients


ky 4

Toptal is a very competitive platform which can be used to earn money online. It only hires top freelancers which have amazing skills. It only hires top 3% freelancers in the whole world. You have to pass 5 screening tests which include English assessment test until a project assignment test. If you fail the test your application will be put on hold for some months. The purpose of having such a competitive test is to make sure that only brilliant skillful candidates are selected. After passing the test you will see job postings from big tech companies etc.


  • competitive projects with good amount
  • professional clients from good companies


  • very competitive skill test
  • no fake clients

These were some of the platforms which are used nowadays to earn money online. If you like our blog kindly like it and share it with your friends. It will be a source of motivation for us and it will help us to make more blogs. You can also give your suggestions we read each comment and value your feedback.’

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