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Top Advanced Robot Ever in the World

Who better than me to tell you about the world’s top five most advanced robots? Robots are widely regarded as the technology of the future. Robotics technology has only recently entered the workplace, and there is still more to be done. Companies are always improving their robots, adding new features and learning from their mistakes. Multitasking robots that could eventually replace humans are still decades away.

Number 5. Stuntronic

Walt Disney Imagineering creates Stuntronic robots for public amusement. It’s an animatronic stunt robot that can do anything from aerial flips to twists. These robots use cutting-edge technology that includes on-board sensors to keep track of correct movement activities such as flips, twists, and landing on time.


Created by: – Walt Disney Imagineering

Country: – United States

Year: – 2018

Height: – 175 cm

Weight: – 40 kg

Number 4. Aquanaut

In underwater mode, it can travel at a speed of 200 km/h and function at a depth of 300 meters. It inspects gas infrastructure and underwater oil using cutting-edge technology. In certain locations, it can operate valves and make modifications using tools.


Created by: – Houston Mechatronics

Country: – United States

Year: – 2019

 Height: – 160 cm

 Weight: – 1050 kg

Speed: – 13km/h – 200 km/h

Number 3. Atlas

It’s claimed by some enterprises to be the nimblest Creatural ever created. Its body shape is so dynamic that it can move presto and balance itself on a variety of terrains by using all of its body chops. The robot can do a variety of effects, but among of its favorites are sprinting, jumping, and backflips. It’s the important AI algorithms enable it to descry impediments and navigate over a variety of terrains.


Created by: – Boston Dynamics

Country: – United States

Year: – 2016

Height: – 150 cm

Weight: – 80 kg

 Speed: – 5.4 km/h

Number 2. Asimo

Because it is regarded one of the most advanced human robots ever constructed, the robot is frequently ranked second everywhere. The main purpose of the robot is to help humans. Asimo travels the world as a robot brand ambassador, educating people on how robots can make life easier and support humans. It has the ability to dance, run, and even kick a soccer ball. Asimo stands for ‘Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility.’ The robot has the ability to communicate with people in three languages: Japanese, Chinese, and English.


Created by: – Honda

Country: – Japan

Year: – 2000

Height: – 130 cm

Weight: – 48 kg

Speed: – 9 km/h

Number 1. Sophia

Sophia is the world’s most advanced human robot. Because it has around 50 different face expressions, it is a realistic illustration of a flawless humanoid robot. Sophia is primarily intended for use in the areas of education, research, and entertainment. It traverses the world, informing people about the role of robots in human life. Sophia has done interviews to a number of major news organizations, including CNN, BBC, and others. Sophia was granted citizenship by the Saudi Arabian government in 2017 with great pride. Sophia was developed by David Hanson as a tribute to Audrey Hepburn, the late actress, and his wife Amanda Hanson. It’s most likely the world’s most advanced robot.


Created by: – Hanson Robotics

Country: – Hong Kong

Year: – 2016

Height: – 167 cm

Weight: – 20 kg

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