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Meditation A beginner guide 2022

source : Ian Stauffer

For most people, Meditation means closing our eyes, slowing down our breathing, focus our goals by repeating a phrase without being distracted by anything else. However, there is much more about Meditation which you don’t know.

Hi, the despicable robot is back with a new beginner-friendly series about Meditation. In this era, most people are suffering from depression and anxiety. More and more cases of anxiety disorder and suicide are coming to light. People need our help to overcome it, so I am starting a meditation series to contribute something on my behalf of myself. This series will discuss mediation and how we can train our minds to become strong spiritually.

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I will also introduce you to my YouTube channel which I have specifically made for meditation You can visit it by clicking on the link below.

In this channel I will discuss in detail about different meditation techniques . Some of the mediation techniques are listed below.

  • Breathing Meditations
  • Mindfulness Meditations
  • Focus Meditations
  • Movement Meditation or Walking Meditations
  • Mantra Meditations
  • Spiritual Meditations
  • Guided Meditations
  • Transcendental Meditations
  • Progressive Relaxation Meditations

We will discuss each of these strategies in separate blogs.

What is meditation?

Meditation is training your mind by inducing a state of consciousness and realising it through rhythmic breathing. As a whole, it comprises the following sequence of events :

  1. Focusing on your breathing pattern
  2.  Visualising a Spiritual World and
  3.  Chanting Mantras.

On a higher level, it is used to access inner wisdom and deep insights from the higher unconscious. It is also a powerful tool for accessing your creativity, your inner wisdom and developing your intuition.

What Happens During Meditation?

The whole act of Meditation is about making the practitioner unaware of all the distractions and making them focus on one single thing.

When you first start to meditate, you’ll realise that your mind begins to baffle with your random thoughts. Suppose you sit silently with your eyes closed and try not to think a thought. In that case, you’ll probably end up frustrated because your mind tends to wander around those thoughts. You may find yourself uncomfortable or lost in those thoughts. But that is entirely normal.

It’s better to have proper guidance and a pleasant environment if you’re a beginner. It becomes easy to practice when someone’s voice is guiding you through the steps.

With ample practice, your mind only wanders a little. It’s much easier to follow along and not get lost in all the stories and the to-do lists and the thinking about the past and worrying about the future than we usually do.

What are the Benefits of Meditation?

The reality is that you’re focusing on one thing so that everything else begins to drop away. This actually enables you to have a better control over distractions and helps in a better decision-making. Meditation has following benefits

  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Reduce stress
  • Manage anxiety or depression
  • Fight addiction
  • Control pain
  • Make you more kind or loving
  • Improved memory retention
  • Enhanced quality of sleep
  • A stronger immune system
  • A healthy heart

Improves Focus and Concentration

Meditation helps in increasing the focus and concentration of an individual. People nowadays, especially teenagers, face this issue. There are so many distractions around us, and we fail to focus on our goals. Meditation helps us to focus on our goals by removing distractions.

Improve self-confidence

Meditation helps us to increase self-confidence of an individual. When a person can do his work without any distractions, this will automatically boost his confidence and increase his belief in himself.

Reduce stress

Meditation helps in reducing the stress of a person. By doing meditation, the stress hormone cortisol is reduced, and a person feels more relaxed.

Reduces anxiety or depression

Meditation helps us to focus on our present and to forget our past. Most people get depressed when they think of their bad past and get demotivated, so forgetting about bad memories is necessary to succeed.

Overcome addiction

Meditation helps us to overcome our addiction which can be excessive use of social media, drugs, alcohol, and smoking. It helps us fight our addiction and reduces our craving for these harmful things which put us behind.

Control emotions & pain

Meditation helps us to control our emotions and pain. It helps us to overcome the pain we feel when we leave our bad habits and makes a person strong.

Makes you kind

Meditation helps us to become kind and affectionate and and it helps us to love ourselves. It also makes us sympathetic and kind.

Better memory

Meditation helps us to retain our memory in old age and lowers the risk of dementia. It also makes our mind powerful

Improves sleep quality

In this era of social media people are living a stressful life and they cannot sleep well at night and cannot focus on their goals. Daily meditation helps us to sleep properly.

Strong immunity

Meditation makes our immune system strong. A strong immune system will keep you away from diseases.

Healthy heart

Meditation helps in better blood circulation in the body lowers the heart rate and makes our heart healthy.

Disadvantages of Meditation

Meditation also has some disadvantages where there is a bright side of it there is also a dark side of doing meditation. Below is a list of some of disadvantages of meditation.

  • Anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Loose Motivation
  • Sleep problem
  • Headaches


Meditation can cause anxiety attacks to the people practicing it because it makes you more aware of your surrounding and you will feel every small thing.


People doing meditation enjoy being alone and prefer to be unsocial which is not a good thing.

Lack of motivation

People practicing meditation loose motivation because they donot care about what is happening around them as they feel more comfortable alone so this can result in lack of motivation towards their personal life.

Sleep issues

When you practice meditation you become more alert and focused and you can feel small small things which are going around you. It can damage your sleep cycle and you may awake number of times during your sleep which may irritate you.


While doing meditation you are in a silent place but when you finish meditating and go to a busy place then you can get headaches and seizure attacks.


How long should I meditate in a day as a beginner?

It all depends on you even meditating for 1 minute is enough for a beginner. Gradually your pace will increase, and you will be able to meditate for a long time in a single time.

I fell asleep while meditating what should I do?

There can be several factors in it maybe you haven’t slept well or maybe you are doing meditation after having a meal. Similarly if you are meditating too long it can also be a factor that you fell asleep while meditating.

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