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Best Samsung Smartwatches in 2022

In this blog I will discuss the top 5 best samsung smartwatches in 2022. Below are some links to other articles related to this category.

Why buy a smartwatch?

But the question is why there is a need to buy a smartwatch when you have a simple watch which shows you the same time which a smart watch will show you. Here is the answer to the question below. Smart watches have additional features which are on your smartphone and you can access all those features on your wrist. You can receive phone calls and important notifications on there is no need to take your phone out of your pocket and see each time a notification pops up. In this blog we will tell you about the top 5 smartwatches of Samsung.

Although apple smart watches are the best smartwatches, not everyone can afford them. You need to have an iPhone to use that watch which is also expensive. For Android users, there is an alternative to using Samsung smart watches. Below are the top 5 smartwatches we are discussing with Samsung.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

best smart watches

  • $283.33

This watch is one of the coolest and latest watches from Samsung. It is a little expensive but it is good for people whose money is not a concern. This beautiful watch comes in 2 sizes which are 41mm and 45mm respectively. It is available in 4 different colors which are gold, silver, black and titanium. This watch has many features which makes it special and a little expensive such as a battery which lasts longer than a day.

An automatic sleep tracker is also present on the watch which can monitor and record the sleep duration, sleep quality and sleep phases. It tracks your sleep duration by monitoring the time the user is inactive on the device. Sleep quality is monitored by trackers present in the smart watch which tell how much time the user slept without any interruption (waking up, tossing, turning). It also monitors the sleep phase of the person, if a person is in deep sleep the alarm will not pop, it will pop when the person is in less deep sleep so it is also takes care of the user sleep.

The watch has the following features

  • It has good Bluetooth connectivity.
  • You will receive calls.
  • It is water proof.
  • It comprises GPS of good quality.
  • It is light weighted.
  • It comes in a variety of colors (Mystic Bronze, Mystic Silver or Black)
  • It has a good battery health which ranges from 24-48 hours.
  • It also has a Heart Rate Monitoring feature.
  • It supports both Android and IOS.
  • It can be charged via WPC wireless.
  • It comprises a Samsung Exynos 9110 dual core processor of 1.15Ghz.
  • It has an onboard storage of 8gb


  • Large number of features
  • you can track your heart rate with it
  • water proof
  • supports Android and IOS


  • high price
  • relatively low battery duration

Samsung Galaxy Active 2

best smartwacthes

  • $53.99

If you want a smartwatch that can help you with your fitness activities and help you stick to your daily fitness goals, Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is the best choice for you.

This watch can track your workout. You just have to train it once by setting the parameters and start it once before starting your workout. Workouts can include running, swimming and bodybuilding. It checks your heart rate and also warns us if we are over exercising or doing the wrong exercise. It also tracks user sleep and ensures that user has ample sleep to get him back at the next day’s workout.

This watch has only one color which is black. It doesn’t have the feature to receive a call or text message, it is positive for a fitness user because he will not be distracted by any phone calls. It is only connected via Bluetooth. Its bands are made up of leather which is comfortable and easy for athletes to wear. No steel is added as a band because it will not be comfortable to wear.

The watch has the following specs:

  • It is connected via Bluetooth.
  • It has GPS feature inside it,
  • It comes only in black color.
  • Its screen size is 1.2 inches.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Leather band
  • Sleep tracker
  • Fitness tracker
  • Pace coaching


  • wristband is made up of leather which increases comfort
  • Best for fitness oriented people and athletes


  • It is not versatile lacks other features like receiving phone calls, text messages.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

71AX1oc523L. AC SL1500

  • $190.30

The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch was only intended for fitness and it lacked a lot of features, such as receiving phone calls, text messages, etc. However, the Galaxy Active 2 watch has its own worth and it is recommended for fitness. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active provides more features than active 2 and is relatively cheaper.

This watch is an all round watch. Besides using it for fitness, it can also receive phone calls, emails, and text. Like the Galaxy Active 2, it also has a fitness tracker, a sleep tracker and a heart rate monitoring facility. Active 2 can track up to six exercises, but it can track up to 39 more exercises according to your fitness plan.

It can monitor our sleep patterns and it will suggest to us a better sleep schedule so that we feel lively and refreshed. You can also stream music by connecting it to your phone. It supports both Android and IOS.

This watch is relatively thin as compared to Active 2 and it has a rubber wrist band instead of leather, which makes it comfortable to wear. The battery can last for a week once it is charged, which is a plus point. This watch comes in 3 colors. Its GPS is very good and it can track your distance covered even in the worst weather. This watch is versatile and in my suggestion you can buy it as it is multipurpose and cheap.

The watch has the following specs

  • good Bluetooth connectivity
  • can receive calls
  • waterproof
  • good battery life
  • supports both Android/IOS
  • dual core exynos 9110 processor
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker
  • 4gb onboard storage
  • comes in a variety of colors (Black, Silver, Rose Gold, Green)
  • sleep and stress tracker present
  • monitors heart health
  • can sync with the user’s phone
  • water and scratch resistant
  • You can pay with your watch


  • highest fitness features and can track maximum 39 exercises.
  • lightweight
  • excellent battery life


  • relatively expensive

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

best samsung smartwatches

  • $69.99

If you need a smart fitness watch which is on a low budget, then Samsung gear sport is the best choice. It is one of Samsung’s cheapest fitness smartwatches and it has a good amount of features in it.

This watch has a built-in coach which can help you stay fit and motivated. It also monitors your exercise and warns you if you are overexercising and putting more strain on your body. It’s really fun to work with the coach as it guides you at every step throughout your day. It also has the function of making a payment via Samsung pay. Imagine making a payment from a wrist watch now it has turned into reality.

It contains a lot of fitness related apps which can track how many steps you have taken in a day, how many calories you have burnt today, similarly it also monitors sleep and heart rate. You can receive calls and text messages. It is waterproof, and it is very good for swimmers. You can also control other Bluetooth connected devices in your home via this smartwatch such as phones, fridges, alarms, door locks, lights, etc. This watch is far more than a fitness watch as it provides an enormous number of features other than fitness features.

The watch has the following features:

  • Monitor user fitness and calories.
  • You can make a payment using it.
  • You can control other smart devices in the home
  • can use it while swimming, in rain and shower
  • can receive calls, texts and respond to text messages.
  • Water – Resistant
  • Good Battery Health
  • compatible with Android and iOS
  • We can swap wristbands
  • It has gps
  • different colors (black, blue)
  • sleep tracking
  • onboard storage of 4gb
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Exynos 7270 dual core processor


  • cheap
  • can receive calls and texts
  • durable


Samsung Galaxy Fit

best samsung smartwatches

  • $94.94

This is one of the best samsung smartwatch, in my opinion. It is not classy as a Galaxy Watch Active, but it is not a bad choice for buying.

The Galaxy Fit has some cool features such as sleep monitors, text messaging, pedometers, calorie trackers, notifications and heart rate monitors. Unfortunately, it comes only in black color.

It has an automatic fitness tracker which monitors every activity you are doing, such as walking, running, cycling, etc. It has an amole display which makes it look very elegant and beautiful. An amoled display is a full-time color display which allows us to check real time fitness information at a glance.

It is long-lasting and can be used underwater for swimming and it is the best watch for swimmers. Similarly, it is tough and can withstand tough weather(bumps, dust, hot & cold weather) because it is made with military grade durability.

It tracks how many steps you take daily, the number of calories burned, water and caffeine intake, etc. It monitors sleep patterns and also monitors our heart rate and sends an alert if the heart rate is irregular.

It is compatible with Android OS 5.0 and above with 1.5GB RAM and Apple IOS 10.0 and above (iPhone 7 and above). You will be notified about incoming texts, and you can also send preset replies to the text messages you received.

This smartwatch has the following features:

  • good Bluetooth
  • Android (5.0 and above) and IOS (10.0 and above) are compatible.
  • Health Fitness Tracker
  • Water – Resistant
  • notifications
  • Good Battery Health
  • monitors sleep and heart rate
  • receive and reply to texts
  • water and dust resistant
  • pedometer
  • Calculate Tracker
  • MCU Cortex M33F Processor
  • onboard storage of 4gb
  • Amoled display


  • durable
  • lightweight
  • good connectivity


  • can’t receive phone calls and texts
  • difficult to find colors other than black

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