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Top Coolest Tech Gadgets You Can Buy in 2022

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Hello and welcome to this blog, everyone. Allow me to fill you in about the Top 7 Coolest Tech Gadgets You Can Buy in 2022, in this article.

Number 1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

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Samsung’s new foldable phones are unquestionably at the top of our list of the 7 Coolest Tech Gadgets to Buy in 2022. Even if these new folding phones were officially announced in August 2021, there is currently nothing comparable on the market. For portability and convenience, the Flip3 boasts a full-size smartphone touch screen that folds into a 4.2-inch compact form. The Fold3 has a 7.6-inch folding screen, which is practically the size of a small tablet. Both smartphones have an upgraded metal frame that protects the hinge, beautiful AMOLED panels, and the most robust glass the Galaxy Z range has ever seen.

Number 2. Amazon’s Astro Household Robot

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Is number two on the list, during a live virtual event in late 2021, Amazon introduced a trio of new domestic robots. These bots are still only accessible via invitation and are not yet available to the general public. However, through Amazon’s Day 1 Editions program, you can apply to obtain one of the first-ever units. The Astro, an anthropomorphized household assistant that can walk freely around your home to keep an eye on things, is our favorite of the bunch. You can either treat it like a pet or utilize it as a security drone. In any case, we hope it’s an indication that more household robots will be offered to the general public in the near future.

Number 3. Anker Nebula Solar Portable Projector

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When you think of home theatre projectors, you generally envision a long setup process requiring a PhD-level grasp of the technology. However, we now live in an era in which the Anker Nebula Solar can be recovered. It can project a 120-inch, 1080p version of your favorite Netflix movie without having to modify the picture settings or find a power outlet, and it’s about the size of a book. Is this going to be able to replace your gorgeous 65-inch 4K HDR TV? Certainly not. However, for those times when you want to recreate the movie theatre experience at home.

Number 4. Apple Air Pods Max

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Apple’s latest headphone release comes with a shocking price tag, but one that only Apple could carry off with its caliber of products. These Air Pod Max headphones include 3D surround sound that adjusts to your environment and head position, as well as Active Noise Cancellation, which filters out the rest of the world with a single button push.

Comfort is provided by a knit-mesh canopy and memory foam ear cushions. They’re also designed to effortlessly switch between devices and have on-head detection, so your music will cease if you take them off for a moment. They’re available in five various colors, including this elegant Space Gray, which is our personal favorite.

Number 5. Nook Casa Smart Light Bulbs

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There are a lot of smart light bulbs on the market right now, but almost all of them have the same two issues: extremely flaky apps and low brightness. The new Nook Smart Light Bulb addresses these difficulties while remaining reasonably priced, making it one of our top selections for the greatest tech products of 2022. Best of all, you can get this smart light bulb for just $23 while it’s on sale, which is a great deal. You may choose from millions of colors and provide mood lighting to any place once you screw in and set up this bulb.

Number 6. Backbone One Gaming Controller

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Apple’s adoption of the lightning-fast A14 processor in their latest handsets has ushered in a new era in mobile gaming. While the iPhone can play some excellent games, it does not have the ability to act as a controller. The Backbone One is a controller that clips into both ends of your iPhone, much like traditional video game controllers, and it has a lot of cool features. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate allows you to stream Xbox games to your phone. It also works with PlayStation Remote Play, Steam Link, and Apple Arcade, allowing you to play next-generation console games on your phone. The game runs smoothly thanks to a low latency connection option, and pass-through charging allows you to charge your iPhone while playing.

Number 7. Nintendo Switch OLED

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Few people could have imagined the Nintendo Switch as a concept, let alone forecast the crazy heights of success the small machine would achieve. This hybrid gadget, which is half standard gaming console and part handheld console, can connect to your TV or function independently when you’re not at home. You can detach the Joy-Cons from the unit and use them as separate controllers if you’re playing with a friend. There are even titles that make extensive use of motion controls, continuing the Wii’s heritage. You can say whatever you want about any Xbox or PlayStation console: Yes, they’ve had some of the best and most well-known games from around the world. They’ve always been on the cutting edge of game-centric innovation and technology. However, none of the features on those platforms are as entertaining as those on the Nintendo Switch. In addition, Nintendo finally released a big update to their iconic console after years of rumors

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