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Top 5 Best Racing Games for PC ✨

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In today’s digital world, there is an ample number of best racing games to choose from and play. But having so many best car games makes it confusing and frustrating to choose anyone. To find the best from all those hundreds of games seems impossible. To help you out choose the ultimate car driving simulator game, we are going to list down the top 5 best racing games for PC. All these games are chosen on the basis of the graphic quality, difficulty level, and features. So let’s get started.
Number 5. Forza Horizon 5
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Forza Horizon 5 is Playground Games’ latest release which allows its players to explore an open world in the car of their choice. What makes this game the best racing game is its wonderful and eye-catching graphics and world-class collection of cars. While playing this game, players go through deserted road tracks, canyons, and astounding Mexican towns. Overall, it is a masterpiece of Playground Games. It provides a wide range of racing options such as traditional races, championships, stunt jumps, and co-op campaigns in high-speed and cool cars of your choice. Whatsmore, it keeps updating the new season each week to make this game interesting and thrilling.
Number 4. Project Cars 2
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This is one of the best ultimate car driving simulators that allows you to drive your car in all corners of the world. With Project Cars 2, you can drive through mountains covered with ice, race in the highlands of Scotland, rallycross in different parts of the world, and much much more. The purpose of adding this game to the first position in the top 5 best racing games for PC is its real-looking graphics, amazing scenarios, and a wide range of amazing cars.
Number 3. F1 2020
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A game developed by Codemasters provides you with the experience of more than just the best car game. It allows you to perform tasks like creating your own team, choosing the interview answers, choosing your teammate, and much more. This best racing game makes you attached to it with all its amazing features. By playing this game, you will experience the real F1 world with the same regulations, management, stress, fun, and excitement. So get to experience real F1 racing on your PC.
Number 2. iRacing
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With amazing and thrilling daily racing leagues, iRacing is one of the best ultimate car driving simulators. It comprises the most amazing cars and tracks that make you experience real-life-like racing on your PC. Unlike all other best racing games, iRacing keeps you acting like a real racer with its scheduled leagues and tournaments. What makes iRacing the best racing game is that it lets you indulge yourself fully in the game, you have to take it as a full-time career rather than just a game in order to win.
Number 1. Dirt Rally 2
Download: Dirt Rally 2
If you are looking for a traditional best racing game that allows you to complete the specific track within a specific time period, then this game is not for you. In Dirt Rally 2, you will be instructed by your co-driver in a very fast and urgent manner, that if you missed a single instruction you are going to be smashed into something terrible. Unlike all other traditional best car games, this game comes with a totally different idea of racing. Ready to get exploded, targeted with flashbangs, and unexpected and unpredictable turns and routes.
All the above-mentioned best racing games for pc will let you enter into the new world of speed, style, competition, and explosions. After choosing these games, the best racing game experience will never be the same anymore. You are going to face unexpected and unpredictable things on your way toward the finish point. All these games are listed after being tested and verified by us. Make sure to use the appropriate hardware for an amazing and astonishing experience of racing in the real world without any hindrance or difficulty.

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