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How to buy Windows 10/11 and MS Office lifetime OEM key at the LOWEST price? ✨

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Hello humans, welcome to my blog, for those who still don’t know me, I am Despicable Robot.
In this article, we will talk about how to buy Windows 10/11 and MS Office lifetime OEM key at the LOWEST price.
If you are about to buy Windows, you will have realized that there are both OEM and Retail versions.
You will have noticed that the difference in price can be considerable, in fact the OEM has a much lower price.
OEM licenses are unique licenses, which can be installed on a single PC but this shouldn’t scare you, because Microsoft has allowed you to link the OEM license to your Microsoft account.
This means that you can change the hardware of your PC and in case of deactivation of the license, you can reactivate it directly using the Microsoft account linked to the license.
If you want to buy the Windows OEM license at a very advantageous price, I recommend you to use the Keysfan.com site, reliable and safe.
You will find licenses for Windows, but also for Office and the main software available on the market.
Keysfan.com is an online platform for digital products.
Keysfan.com offers Windows, MS Office and other tool licenses at a very favorable price.
Keysfan.com offers cheap and legal Windows 10 Pro OEM lifetime key, which is 100% official and enjoys online activation.
Here you can get a discount on the purchase of a Windows license or MS Office license.
Buying on keysfan.com is very simple, it works like classic ecommerce sites.
Just add to the cart and then pay with Paypal or credit card.
The reasons for buying your OEM licenses on Keysfan.com are many,
first of all the savings, the ease with which to buy and also a vast amount of solutions designed for you.
Windows and MS office licenses are hot off the press ↓↓↓
Extra 50% off on Windows! With coupon code “JYV50”

Activate Windows 10 Pro for only $7


Activate Windows 11 Pro ($13)


Extra 62% off on MS office series with coupon code ” JYV62″ Activate Office 2019 pro ($26)


Activate Office 2021 Pro ($33)

More bundle products are waiting for you!

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